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srx 220 with TP-Link TL-WR941ND---Stuck in cofiguration.

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network diagram
I am stumbled a bit of a problem hereI hope somebody here could kindly let me know the correct cli config. What I want to achieve is to have the computer in zone to talk to my server at

Here are bits of my network setup:
I have 1 Juniper SRX220 as router and DHCP. I have connected to wireless router TP-Link WR941ND.

My problem is that I have a server attached to ge-0/0/5 which is part of my internal vlan group. The computer which is behind TP-Link address( can ping the router, but can't see the server( It must be something I miss in my cli ? Changing connection mode in tp-link in router mode (Connect to WAN port in TP-Link) and as access point mode(connect to regular port in TP-Link) is not working.

if I put TP-Link as AP(DHCP on Juniper). I can ping from server to any pc on the TP-Link WIFI, but nobody from TP-Link can ping the server I already disable the firewall on the server.

Thanks for any info.

Here are my cli config:

Best Regards,



Columbus, OH
you need a security policy allow trusted to trusted traffic.
and the hits just keep on coming.........