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St Thomas, ON

What does XPlornet use for outgoing SMTP?

A friend of mine is configuring his Outlook client for use on Xpornet. I've seen mention of smtp.xplornet.com and also the use of some google server (?).

He doesn't have a google account, so I don't understand how the use of a google server is available to him. We were messing with smtp.xplornet.com for an hour, using his xplornet e-mail address and password for the credentials for that server, but it wasn't working (but he's never really used the xlpornet e-mail address so we don't know if they were correct or not). He was going to talk to someone at support.

I got an e-mail from him yesterday, and it came through a google server to get to me. I don't yet know the details, but I'm wondering if anyone here knows if smtp.xplornet.com works, and if so - how?


Guelph, ON
I believe this is the info you are looking for:

»www.xplornet.com/support/email-p ··· -14.aspx

Includes links if he email is running through the google servers.

St Thomas, ON
> I believe this is the info you are looking for:

Yes, I found that page while helping my friend configure his outlook client for out-going mail. He does not have any google/gmail account.

At the time I was helping him, the xplornet e-mail/password that he had (for over a year, but had never used) did not seem to work - even when he logged into the xplornet web-mail portal.

Does anyone here know anything about xplornet? Is there a better DSLR forum (or other web-forum) for them - where actual xplornet techs (or super-knowledgeable users) might actually participate?

I'd like to know if smtp.xplornet.com actually works (ie - it's a functional smart-host our out-bound SMTP MTA) and how does an xplornet customer gain access to it. My friend would like to NOT have to use a google SMTP server if possible (and I don't blame him).

Pointe-Claire, QC
If you received an email from your friend, looking at the full headers will give you a good clue (the various Received: lines)

Your friend can do an nslookup smtp.explorenet.com and then a whois on the IP address to see to whom it belongs. If it is a google IP then you know emails go to google right away.

If it belongs to explornet, then it is inconclusive because it could simply be a relay/proxy that then connects to google, or it culd be a real smtp server that then uses google as outbound gateway.

Again, the full headers of a message sent from an explornet customer to you will show the trace of smtp servers involved between the sender and recipient.

Merrickville, ON
reply to sm5w2
Many ISPs are outsourcing their e-mail serving to the larger providers. For example, Rogers uses Yahoo for e-mail. So you may be setting your Rogers SMTP settings to what appears to be a Rogers server, but it's going through Yahoo. You don't need an actual Yahoo account.

From reading the linked article, if your friend's e-mail address ends with "@xplornet.ca", then he's on the Google-powered system and should follow those instructions.

Otherwise, smtp.xplornet.com is indeed a live SMTP server. You can telnet to it, and it answers. So if his e-mail address ends with "@xplornet.com", then Support will probably be able to tell him what's wrong.

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