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Texan and Proud
Baytown, TX
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Re: Oh the terror

Its getting harder these days to find quality, and that annoys me.

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Welcome to my life. I am still in the process of replacing the backstabbed outlets in the house with sidewired ones, complete with pigtails. its a pain in the ass but will be worth the effort.
"Saying something in another language that you don't think the other person understands is just saying that you're a pussy and are too afraid to say it in English." --Harddrive

what the hel

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said by cowboyro:

said by Jack_in_VA:

The NEC should be investigated and regulated. No organization like the NEC should be allowed to operate without oversight.

And who will oversee those who oversee?

Get a copy of the NEC and read then opening statements.

IThe National Electrical Code (NEC), or NFPA 70, is a regionally adoptable standard for the safe installation of electrical wiring and equipment in the United States. The NEC, while having no legally binding regulation as written, can be and often is adopted by states, municipalities and cities in an effort to standardize their enforcement of safe electrical practices within their respective jurisdiction. In some cases, the NEC is amended, altered and may even be rejected in lieu of regional regulations as voted on by the governing bodies of any given locale.

And who writes this code? The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is an international nonprofit organization.

I don't have a problem with this group publishing code recommendations I do however take exception with naming it The National Electrical Code. The implication that this is a Federal mandate just rubs me wrong. And I've heard more than one personal state it's a Federal Law.

Even this thread has some of that mentality.

But back to this thread, in this case the sole responsibility lies at UL's feet for approving a design, NEC has nothing to do with the design.