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Re: [MN] History channel HD turned in to encore action HD

NE side? So besides 15th to 19th st on B Ave what other areas don't have ImOn? What Hy-Vee do you live by over there... the Ghetto -Vee???


Cedar Rapids, IA

The entire neighborhood surrounding Daniels Park and Mount Mercy University, which are hardly in "the ghetto", are un-served by ImOn, except for the college itself, of course.

So, no, not the Ghetto-Vee, the Oakland Vee, but south of 29th.

If ImOn had a build-out map for people to look at, instead of an imperfect address locator, it would likely be a lot easier to tell where they did/didn't service.
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Calling BS.

Almost all of that area is overbuilt, I lived on 25th St and had ImOn service (called McLeodUSA ATS back then) for multiple years around 96-98. In fact that entire area was one of the very first they built out.