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[Express] Rogers Express Too slow to fix...

My Rogers express Download speed 1 mbps is great i love it! but,

4 weeks ago I realized that YouTube video's were loading, and it was taking more time to load a picture. I saw that my Speed was dropping. I went out of country for 3 weeks. When i returned this week i saw that my internet now runs at 500 bytes per second (0.5 kbps) I did a speediest not once but more then 5x on different site and it was clear my internet speed dropped. *NOTE* Rogers did took my express money*

I contacted rogers and they sent out some guy to come and check it out. He came and started looking and wires wires etc, and at the end I think the guy literally gave up because hes like

Fixer: `yes, yes. I found the problem. We need to drill and bring a new wire in`

I asked why whats wrong with the previous one,

he Replied `we need to drill.. `and then he took off...

How can i fix this? Should i drill. I mean Even if i drill will it fix the problem Because all you are doing is creating another hole in my wall from outside to bring in a new wire replacing the old one.

** NOTE **

My Download speed is Extremely slow 0.5 kbps

But my upload speed is same as previous!!!

I live in Toronto , North York
I had rogers for more then 7 years, and im thinking of switching to teksavvy if this does not get solved.


Bro this is some messed up sh*t. I feel for ya


reply to Arnab
It sounds like there is a problem with the drop going into the home according to what you say the tech said.

If they need to run a new line into the home from outside, they would need to drill. If you are the homeowner, this shouldn't be a problem; you give permission, they run a new drop from the street, drill through a wall, and it should fix it. If the lines are buried in your area, they will still have to run a temp for the winter and it should be buried sometime in the spring/summer.

If you are not the homeowner, they will likely need a letter of permission from that entity to drill, then the same as above applies.

Either way, the tech should have either done it on site or referred it to a crew/super. Call tech support and ask what the on-site technician left in his notes.