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Warren, NJ
reply to inGearX

Re: Space/Traffic : unlimited/unlimited

Fine print from 1and1 TOS:

Should your use of the 1&1 Services result in an overly high load on the 1&1 Equipment, in 1&1's sole discretion, 1&1 may suspend your account until the cause of any such overload is determined and resolved.
No "unlimited" plan is really unlimited. If you're thinking of terabytes of storage and bandwidth, it ain't gonna happen.

1and1 is not a particularly good shared hosting service. I have several clients who use them. Lots of outages, on average every week or two. Proprietary control panel that's not very helpful. No SSH access. Email often takes hours to be delivered/received. Unhelpful customer support (yes, they answer the phone, but are totally powerless.)

You have other choices which would be better. One suggestion would be Hostgator. Standard Cpanel & SSH. I've got quite a few clients who're happy with them. Can't remember when I've seen any downtime.
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