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Aptos, CA

ending unlimited data is tied to sms?

Really? I doubt that logic is sound.

How about this logic instead? In 2006, unlimited data on crap phones on Edge or first gen 1X CDMA could possibly eek out a couple hundred MB/mo. In 2007, the iPhone and late gen WinMo phones on Edge/3G/EVDO might be able to eek out a GB, or if tethered, much more (so the carriers killed tethering.)

In 2008-11, iOS/Android devices with HVGA or better displays capable of video, decent 3G modems capable of pulling full speeds, and other improvements, coupled with ready access to high bandwidth content, meant "unlimited data" could run into tens of GB of data. (The carriers killed unlimited data - except as a stunt to gain subs for VZ or as a last gasp to retain subs by Sprint or TMo)

I do expect the carriers (all of them) will make sure the average profit per sub remains constant (or increases) over time, since the carriers are all for-profit corporations and not nationalized government service providers.

This is capitalism. We love it, remember?
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said by JohnInSJ:

This is capitalism. We love it, remember?

This is corporatism. Incumbent telecom's are one of the largest lobbyists of government. They also receive large sums of government cash (USF is a HUGE one )

And just as corporatism would suggest, we are stuck with few options that look remarkably similar.

To suggest its capitalism is just plain false.

As somebody who has been in Asia the fact that Americans pay hyper inflated rates is readily obvious.

Unlimited cellular coverage in Vietnam costs about 9 USD, and in South Korea it was about 20 bucks with unlimited calling, text, mobile TV, and a 10 gigabyte data allowance.

Caveat Emptor
United State
·TracFone Wireless
Exactly. Which is why I am considering dumping Sprint and Verizon and going straight to Walmart. It is impossible to reason with these companies. Take Sprint for instance. I'm losing my vision and the phone I have is inadequate. Not only can I not change up, if I drop them as a carrier I can't switch back to Sprint for a year. Verizon and AT&T are worse. The corporate greed is driving customers elsewhere for no contract service like TracPhones, and Walmart that works across the US with no hassle, and unlimited data for $45.
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