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Hudson, WI

Baldwin Telecom Pricing - Wisconsin

So Baldwin Telecom has run fiber optic to my neighborhood in Hudson WI and is now offering some choices. I only want high speed internet as I'm happy with my DirecTV and phone package. Long story, short... if I want 10mb I'd have to pay $140. If I want 2mb down I'd have to by $50 which is twice as much as my 3mb DSL connection (max speed is actually 2.5ish).

They won't give me a decent stand-alone deal on the Internet only package. Their bundle includes TV, phone and 10mb Internet for $130, but I'd have to accept significant downgrades in what I currently have for TV and phone.

So my question is, how long can a company have exlusive rights over the fiber optic network? How long until a Comcast can come in and compete for business over the same network?

Thanks in advance.