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Good ISP for gaming? Seattle area.

I have Frontier FIOS currently and all pings jump up during normal playing hours 8pm-11pm.
So I am seriously consider to change the ISP.

But which one have a stable connection during evening?

It used to be speakeasy but they do not provide they service to residential anymore.

I am on eastside. Any advices?

Tempe, AZ
Switching providers MAY fix the problem but there is a pretty decent chance that it won't. Additionally a provider in one area may have fantastic internet but at the next box over their gear is outdated and it sucks there. Your best course of action is trying to get technical support for it on the ISPs forum here.


Lagrangeville, NY
reply to blz
See what is available at your location... look up reviews... try to find them as close to you as you can.

Pretty much it... IMHO.

I would best tech support will be a waste... but you can give them a try too.

Hey Thats Mine

Seattle, WA
reply to blz
there isn't much choice around here. stay far far away from centurylink (although i dont think they serve much on the eastside) if you care about ping.

i'm still using speakeasy/megapath/covad for gaming. they still have a local(ish) pop, so pings are still decent. i didnt know they stopped signing up new residential customers. good to know.

seattle area internet sucks big time, so i wish you luck.
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Lynnwood, WA
·Frontier Communi..
I think some resellers are still selling Covad DSL.

As for the OP, the realistic choices are phone company DSL, cable company cable, Covad DSL, and FIOS. (if available)

Exotic choices can be variations of wireless or good ol' dialup.
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