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Fort Lauderdale, FL
reply to pacmanfan

Re: [Equipment] How can I run 650' of cable from my house to my

said by pacmanfan:

14AWG solid THHN wire in conduit may be just fine.

Personally I wouldn’t pull solid into a conduit but that’s just me, none the less, unless that conduit is metallic, one had better put some twists in that wiring before pulling it into the pipe, otherwise one has built themselves a neat little surge magnet.

Now normally it wouldn’t matter in the electrical world, but here we are considering running a couple of very low amperage electrical devices at the end of what becomes a long wire antenna and those low amperage devices to an induced surge appear as high impedance, which results in a considerably higher surge voltage at the far end from the source of power.

To solve this problem we now have either to get into some serious surge protection and grounding to go along with it or consider coax or UTP, which while still susceptible to induced surges provides enough balance or shielding to reduce the voltage of the surges to the point we can back off on the grounding a bit.

It’s a balance of which all options have to weighed against one and another.

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