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Salt Lake City, UT

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Turmoil with PhonePower and Comcast Business

Hi. New member - first post -- but long time viewer of DSL Reports.

I've been using PhonePower for about 3 years on a Comcast Residential cable line and for the most part the service has worked. The majority of my calls were clear / not dropped, and I had a reasonably good customer experience.

I recently switched to Comcast Business cable, and ever since the switch I have had a multitude of performance issues with my PhonePower service ranging from dropped calls to someone calling me and the phone rings once (and then no response after that).

I've gone through the iteration of troubleshooting and testing with PhonePower tech support, and their response to me was that the level of jitter on my line was above acceptable levels. In my testing the jitter numbers I came up with averaged around 8 ms and packet loss averaging around 0.3%. Both of these numbers look reasonable, however PhonePower is recommending I resolve this with Comcast.

Any thoughts? Does this sound like a Comcast issue or should I be pushing back on PhonePower? Anyone else using Comcast Business and having issues?


Aptos, CA
I am on 12/2 business class with static IPs, and have Phone Power. No issues for me. Perhaps its a port forwarding/firewall issue?
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San Jose, CA
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To me it looks like a Comcast issue. Since your account was working fine before you switch the ISP Bundle/Service, it should be the issue with Comcast. Try to put phone power adapter in DMZ zone on your router, if you have not tried that yet. PP customer care should be able to help you with that.


reply to jbanger
We are having difficulty locating your account. Could you IM us your Phone Power telephone number? With that we can look into the details of your recent VOIP Quality Test and advise further from there.

On a general note: jitter spikes of more than 150ms can cause choppy audio. Single large spikes can sometimes be hidden in the average value, as it is averaged over 8 seconds.