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usb port



I have a usb port and it wont work in my computer. called virgin mobile they sent me here to down load something new,so the usb will work. i have windows 7?


Kansas City, MO
This thread has the software:

»Virgin Mobile USB Install Error, Help Anyone?

Many (including myself) have had issues downloading it (it seems the dslr site clips it since its so big) but if you use a download manager it should be able to grab it ( »www.downthemall.net/ is a good one for firefox).

I think the issue is that your machine has the "launch virtual CD" flag turned off so you never get the software presented to you. If you can't or don't want to download the software, you can also connect your MC760 to another machine and then copy the software over to a flash drive.

Good luck!


Redford, MI
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reply to usb port
i got the 2200 mifi it don't work on the usb. I gots wifi that it goes thru. gr8est invention since sliced bread. glad i didnt gits the usb version mine is at twice the price. I set it up without reading the manual or getting help from tech support.

good luck