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Re: [Internet] UBEE Modem Provides Inconsistent Wireless!

With the Linksys WRT610 connected to the bridged UBEE i am able to sustain 27/5 from 50 feet, which is more than enough strength to power my needs. I think the BHN connection is adequate. If there is a weak link in the equation it is definitely the UBEE. It provided poor connectivity even with hardwired devices. I am not sure why this is, but there were several log items related to failed firmware upgrades or something like that. Maybe the firmware needs some work.

Thanks for the help, everything started working correctly once I changed cables. I may have had a loose connection last night preventing me from moving ahead.

BHN Staff
Saint Petersburg, FL
IGNORE the logs please...in most cases they mean nothing and especially as it applies to failed firmware updates. That is a general notice that there was no firmware to update found which means nothing. Your wireless speeds are in par with what I would expect to see. Remember, no provider will stand by specific wireless speeds for obvious reasons...there are way way way too many variables that will impact performance 99% of them having nothing to do with the provider.
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