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Tomball, TX
reply to ctggzg

Re: Proud of that 250GB cap?

Ummmm no! When you have four people in a house all using some form of streaming media like Zune Marketplace on the XBOX 360 along with Netflix streaming its quite easy to surpass 250GB in one month.

All 100% legal consumer uses my friend. Just because you are a light user doesn't mean you can speak from everyone.

As a side note. Other than my ridiculously high bill Comcast is in fact providing me an excellent service level. But the price is officially ridiculous. My only real complaint is that Comcast idea of 1080p is laughable. Maybe 860p-ish. But it's certainly not comparable at all to OTA quality.

In fact Comcast, that should be your new years resolution. Let try to get closer to 1080p. OK?


Murfreesboro, TN
Nothing is even broadcast in 1080p yet so why would that matter? Maybe for the PPV or on Demand movies?? I don't think I have even seen anything on comcast advertinsing that they had 1080p??


Yup even OnDemand and PPV HD programming is still 1080i.


reply to axiomatic
it actually is 1080i...however...

when it comes to how Comcast chooses to divvy up the bandwidth for channels and allot those channels to QAM's... is a whole other debate (see AVSforums for in depth discussions)...

Even at a so-call 'hi-def' resolution , I would not consider anything 'hi-def' if the bandwidth stream feeding the A/V is anything south of 15-17 MB/s ... which is frequently the case. Compared to OTA, most cable/satellite will look crappy, 1080i or not, due to overly lossy compression and stifled bandwidth allotment.