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Arlington, TX
reply to NYC26

Re: I am wondering why you mention TWC as deploying D3.0 slowly.

said by NYC26 :

Shouldn't they upgraded to 1GHZ instead of being on the same problem two years from now. Time Warner here in NYC is 860 too,and they removed 90% of the analog channels and implemented SDV on top of it and the quality of service sucks. They decided to waste bandwidth on gimmicks like star over,and others enhanced digital gimmicks. Of course they don't give a crap about the picture quality of HD channels and the 3/1 compression continue. I am done with these idiots and switching to DirectV since Fios is taking forever to wire my building.

well TWC in my are has some 1GHz gear but is mainly 860MHz I think maybe the line amps are 1GHz but the Motorola nodes are 860MHz and the aurora networks nodes are 1GHz. Here TWC uses 24 QAMs for SDV which is plenty.