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Damn Kidney Stones
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reply to matt5

Re: [OC] safest OC for a 2500k, on a Asrock p67 extreme4 gen 3?

said by matt5:

So to speed up killing the chip, they run it hot. What more could you need.

Now I am sure you will say... but intel but the throttle at a safe temp blah blah.

I don't have to Intel does it.

Intel also speced the chip to run what 3.7ghz @ like 1.24 volts? One can assume the throttle is nothing more than a fail safe for a fan failure (after all it would suck for a server to go down, or a chip to fry cause a $5 fan died). One time throttling won't kill the chip, extended runs at full temp will hurt.

Assume nothing. Evidence of such an occurrence?

Oh ya your car likely has a fuel shut off over the redline, I dare you to drive it at that RPM non stop bumping the fuel shut off.

Not necessarily. A rev limiter is not a throttle cut off. As I have said elsewhere, your automotive comparison fails. That's one of the reasons Intel has SpeedStep. It throttles back based on usage.

Run it as you like, but stop telling other people that super high volts are okay. hell head over to »www.overclock.net and ask them about your voltage and temps 90% of those guys will say too hot... and that whole site is about overclocking and pushing.

I can run all day at 4.950 GHz and 1.5 volts. It's no "suicide run". The computer will handle it just fine. That's one of the reasons a sealed CPU water cooler works in this situation. It keeps temps under control. As I have posted in other threads, temps are well below the critical limits.
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