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Re: [Extreme] Rogers won't activate non-Rogers DPC3825

said by elitefx:

Rogers is sitting back and laughing at all the butt kissing Rogers loving twits that don't have the balls to stand up and DEMAND that Rogers change their proprietary scumbag ways.

Vote with your wallet... You don't have to get internet from Rogers... You don't like the policies they have, don't use them. Hell, there's even an argument to be made that you don't have to have internet (although that position is rapidly declining...)

From a technical point of view; Rogers providing the only equipment used on the network, makes managing and maintaining much easier.

When Bell starting allowing BYOD customers, troubleshooting loss of sync/low speed issues became much harder, as there was another, BIG variable involved... The CPE was no longer standard, nor was it a "known" device, that's operation could be compared to a known baseline.

Not saying it's a popular position to take, running a closed network; but for the few users that actually feel strongly enough about it to be an issue, well, Rogers is willing to take the heat, and maybe lose a few customers... I can see both sides - from a consumer's point of view, I want choice, and the ability to do what I want with "my" hardware... BUT - from a network tech/manager's point of view, there's a LOT of value in maintaining that closed network system.