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Rural residential internet

My family lives in a sorta rural area with no wired providers, the closest wired provider is in a town about 2 miles (going along roads) from where our house sits, they have 10megabit service there I think.

My question is, would it be possible to run our own line to the provider? How much would it cost? What kind of permits would be required etc?

Right now we have fixed wireless internet (motorola canopy system) and get 4megabit down and 1 up. However we are capped at 30GB of transfer per month (not much for 5 people), and to get any more would be $50 to get 30GB more, basically buying 2 accounts (we pay $50 per month already).

Milford, NH
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It would be extremely expensive stringing your own cable for two miles. Plus assuming you are taking about DSL you are adding 10,000 feet of cable which will drastically reduce speed. DSL is limited to about 18,000 feet.

If you get two wireless accounts you can use a load balancing router to share both services equally. The down side is the cost.



I'm not sure what it is, it's suddenlink's internet.


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Is it possible? Yes. Would it be worth it? Probably not.

2 Miles is alot, youre going to need some type of repeater which the ISP installs. Cables going to cost you out of the ass, throw that on top getting a crew to hang up the line. Dont forget you need to get rights to the polls, probably from the electric company thats going to be pricey. Thats even if the ISP lets you hang your own wire. 4 down 1 up is a decent connection even if its only 30 GB. you might be better off getting another 30 GB on top of that. Im getting 1 down .5 up with a 20 gb cap for $60, seems you are getting a good deal if you get those speeds all the time.

You can call the ISP you are looking at and see if they can give you a quote but TWC gave me a quote for 1 mile and it was a bit more then 100k. Thats just twc extending services, I wont own the line or get free services.

Southeast TN
reply to Bubby4j2
In order to hang cable on the poles yourself you need to be insured for general liability, and for a great deal of it at that. You may also need to obtain rights to hang depending on how your area handles ROW. There is a cost per pole per year. Considering it is an average of 250ft of span per pole, your looking at around 43 poles. Around here that cost is $9 a year, so that is ~$33 a month just to have access to that 2 miles of ROW. If your line crosses a railroad, interstate, highway, or anything busier than a standard road or sidewalk, your going to have to get a permit from your DOT for every crossing.

At 2 miles plus sag, your probably looking to repeat the signal via fiber optics so you don't have any midspan equipment. Including hanging hardware, you can expect hanging to cost around $0.75 a foot in parts only, which is an additional $8,712, for basic flat drop cable. Then another $300 per side in terminating equipment (splice case, patch cords, cheap media convertors). These numbers don't include any slack loops to repair damage that may come down the line in the future.

Then you have the dynamic cost of hiring someone to hang the cable for you, or renting / buying equipment and insuring yourself and others to run a crew to hang the cable (your going to want at least 3 people to hang this length of cable, more if you need to stop traffic).

And all this is assuming your landline provider will terminate to a line that is going to have a remote retransmit. They may only terminate to a non address if your going to buy into corporate service.