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Lakeland, FL

[Scam] Fake import DVDs on eBay

Just had my second run in (on the second time) of buying a counterfeit DVD compilation via eBay.

We purchased an 8-Disc Harry Potter DVD set from eBay (I can give the auction # if anyone wants it) for ~ $39 shipped. Amazon was $59 for the same set, plus the seller was only an hour away, so I'd get it within a day, so I figured I'd get it from eBay.

We currently have the first Harry Potter Movie (Sorcerer's Stone), purchased from Best Buy, so we have a good comparison point for these.

After taking the discs out of the package, we found quite a few interesting things....

1) The disc size of the counterfeit DVDs are 4GB (Single Layer) compared to the retail Harry Potter DVD, which is 8GB (Dual Layer)
2) The counterfeit DVDs have a name of "NEW" for the DVD, whereas the retail one has something like "HARRY_SORCERER_STONE" on it.
3) Apparently, it's region free and de-CSS'd, because I can copy it to the hard drive with Finder and play the folder directly. No rip required.
4) The bitrate looks compromised (I'd bet - going from a DL to SL DVD), you can definitely see some pixelation when playing it.
5) Under the bottom center spindle, where you would have something resembling a barcode on a retail Harry Potter DVD, you have the name of the DVD itself on the counterfeit one.
6) The label on the DVD itself (i.e. the color screen printing) is heavily dithered on the counterfeit. Compared to the original, there is a very visible difference.
7) The fine print on the packaging is not as clear as on a retail DVD.

I'm sure there's more, but if anyone buys "new" DVDs from eBay, hopefully some of the above help you with your decision. Paypal immediately reimbursed me for the DVD set, and the seller claimed they suspended the auction, but it's still up...

Watchen Das Blinken Lights
Tenant Hell
So they're quite brazen about it, right out in the open on Ebay. Thanks for the info, I'll let my niece know, she is always buying movies from one place or another.

O/T: What would happen if we had SOPA, would they shut down all of Ebay in response?

Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
no they would shut down dslreports for listing the auction number (if the OP had done so)