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Ticking/Clicking Sound On Camcorder Video Playback

I have had my Canon DC230 camcorder for about three years and have only used it a few times since I bought it, so it has had very little use.

It's been working fine up until a few days ago, now when I make a recording and play it back I can hear a loud fast ticking/clicking sound a bit like crickets.
I don't understand why this has suddenly started to happen, I've never had a problem with this before.
It seems like the microphone is picking up all the sounds from the camcorder and it is ruining any recordings I make.

Previously recorded material still plays fine with no ticking/clicking noise on the audio track whatsoever.

I have recorded quiet video recordings in the countryside with no interference at all, so what has happened to my camcorder that it is suddenly making so much noise in the recordings?

I have tried a DVD disc lens cleaner but it hasn't made any difference.
The camcorder hasn't been dropped or knocked and has been kept in a case inside a cupboard in my bedroom.

I would be most grateful if anyone could help me solve this problem.