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reply to Edrick

Re: Analog Voice Gateways

said by Edrick:

said by BiggA:

Why not? It's all Ethernet, it's all IP. Power them through PoE switches. Most desktops in organizations don't use gigabit.

That's great that you run it on a separate network, but that's not really necessary.

Do those Cisco systems hook up to a wholesale SIP provider just like any other VOIP solution? I'm sure they could hook up to the local phone company, but that wouldn't really make any sense cost wise once you're on a VOIP system...

I don't mean to sound rude, but are you new to IT? It makes a heck of a difference properly laying out your network. As already mentioned if not for the fact of having an additional failure point of the phone as a switch or the phone not being gigabit. Also not having all the extra load on the data network. QoS can only do so much. Also unless his campus was new I doubt it's all wired with a minimum of cat5e. Running cable throughout campuses is not simple or cheap. All the switch gear with PoE is pricey. Also quite a few organizations that are clients of mine or I've worked for use gigabit. The cost of IP phones are also tenfold over digital or analog.

Like anything else, it depends. Specifically about IP phone costs, the phones like for like (at least for Nortel) TDM/digital compared to IP are about the same. You also need licenses for any type of phone.. IP, digital, or analog.. so no savings there. If you're starting a new system go IP, if you have heavy investment already in digital sets/licenses and you're not replacing the entire system, then it probably doesn't make sense to go to change.

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My post was in relation to an existing system. That poster seemed to insist that the OP should of gone VoIP. It all depends on phones too wether the analog was preexisting and they just changed the back end which to me seems to be what they did.