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Re: Analog Voice Gateways

And see I find the exact opposite. Unless of course, you're talking government or ridiculously large enterprises.

Campus infrastructures especially, just don't have the $$ kicking around (Or willingly have it) to do a complete rip and replace.

I've seen probably 70% of all contracts turn down VOIP if it couldn't first get their legacy POTS up and rolling, then look later at converting it. (5 years later and still no budget or urge to do it)

As for converged workstations with one cable... Well I see 50/50. Depends on the hardware. Newest and greatest Cisco, yeah no problem. Anything else, not so clear cut. The way I see it, if they have the $$ to spend on a Cisco end-to-end built system, they will rip and replace and do it that way... But the majority don't, won't, and never will.

It's no so black and white when you look out of the Cisco box.