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reply to jmich

Re: Analog Voice Gateways

Oh my, I think I started a holy war.

As for network congestion, VOIP uses almost no bandwidth. Voice is very low-bandwidth compared to everything else we do these days.

As for dorm rooms, don't get me started on that one. My school still has lines in the dorm rooms, and they supposedly can't get rid of them because of "911" capability. Whoever wrote that rule apparently hasn't actually been to a dorm. About 1% of rooms actually have a phone, everyone else is cell-only. I wish they'd spend the money on cellular repeaters or sites in some of the core campus buildings, would be a lot more useful.

Other than for video, I see us at the point where this is no reason for anything not to be fully IP. With IP, it's also a lot easier to move extensions around, you don't have to have the telephone guy come out and repatch lines around, you just move them.