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Arlington, TX
·Time Warner Cable
reply to OSUGoose

Re: [CATV] Updates coming?

said by OSUGoose:

TWC in Columbus uses SA/Cisco. And they have allready stated cap ex of 100Mil will be incured. Would make zero sence to keep 3-4 pockets in Columbus on Moto, when I'm shure they will want to integrate with the TWC network that surrounds these areas.

well TWC could keep motorola in the former insight areas as I am in a motorola area and we have all of the TWC services on motorola boxes including startover/lookback which is available on the whole house DVR in my area using DCX3400M and DCX3200M. I was told awhile back that they were going to phase out the motorola boxes in the system I am on instead they went with the DCX-M boxes for the multiroom and left the iGuide boxes intact. Also there could be another reason to leave the insight system separate bandwidth. Unless Columbus proper is 860MHz in the TWC area it would not make sense to merge the insight system into the Columbus system as they would actually loose bandwidth if TWC Columbus is 750MHz. Also TWC would want get SDV running up as quickly as possible and they can do that with the existing boxes from motorola and likely pace.

My TWC area was obtained from Comcast in 2006 during the Adelphia Swap/buyout and we were 750MHz and then they upgraded us to 860MHz to alllow for a uniform bandwidth across the metro where I live as parts were 750MHz, 860MHz, and even 550MHz/330MHz dual line areas.


Columbus, OH
Yea but at least Comcast somewhat knew what they was doing with the system, vs Insight who hasent done ANYTHING in ages, last thing was the MRDVR that is a beta product at best. othing Internet wise. Phone hasent changed in 3-4 years.