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Los Angeles, CA

[Availability] DSL availability in 90065

I have lived in 90065 Eagle Rock for the last 10-11 years. Each year, I've inquired about DSL service. Each year, I get the same answer...

"DSL Is Not Yet Available

We're sorry, but DSL is not available for your location. We're constantly expanding our services, so please check back later to see if it becomes available for your home."

This is a residential zone, for the most part, houses are pretty much static, the number of houses in this area has not increased or decreased. Will any AT&T rep provide a legit answer that in the last 10 years, why haven't they increased DSL capacity to provide service in an area where you're the only telco service? What do you guys have 100 slots for DSL service? How many residents are here? Certainly more than 100 and that number is pretty much the same!. I only WISH I had more telco options, for now, I'm stuck with cable. Do you think that DSL service will EVER be available in MY lifetime???