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San Francisco, CA

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[Line Problem] Seriously degraded DSL service

Our DSL is being intermittent and slow. Judging from past problems, my guess is that someone just moved into our 30 unit apartment complex and in hooking them up in the complex's spaghetti box of phone connections, we took a hit on our phone service.

We have DSL HSI Pro, with a Speedstream 5360 modem. Our router is a D-Link D1604. Our recent speedtest showed 1.09 Mbps for download and .43 for upload. But the biggest problem has been the DSL connection flaking out and resetting itself every 15 minutes or so.

It would great to get someone out here Tuesday to check this out. We have insurance for inside wiring, but the problem is usually outside wiring.

Techs who have come out before for similar problems have been great. I hope we can have someone check it out ASAP