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Redford, MI
·WOW Internet and..

best thing since sliced bread

Gots my broadband 2go on the 6th of January set it up without reading the manual or getting help from tech support.

Went to Radio Shack, better than Walmart even though Walmart had $30 cheaper 2200 mifi. Based on my previous experience with virgin mobile at Radio Shack, I chose Radio Shack. Sat there for 15 mins at Walmart they ignored me.
Alibet it took 3 hrs from scratch to set up, without using the manual, but what speed fo mobile, freaking 800 kbs at the time I set it up 345pm EST..

Though most other times I only gits 300kbs when the network is loaded up, it don't drop below 300kps.

Forget doing video streaming durring peak times, it ain't happening.

So all my video streaming is off peak times can watch a 90 min movie without stopping at off peak times need less to say at 2am in the morning is off peak. But I sleep during the daytime so it works for me.

virgin momile broadband2go is truely the best thing since slice bread