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How to fix or tweek oversold bandwidth issues

I recently moved overseas to Dubai. The home I moved into has a T1 set up with switches for the broadband. The service provider is Du. The advertised speed for my service level is 8MB.

My problem is that it is obvious the bandwidth is saterated, every evening between 6 and 10 pm it times out all the time and is very slow. The rest of the time it is nice and I am happy.

My question is, is there a particular router I can get or tweak I can do or VPN pipe I can set up that would give my traffic priority? Is there a free applicaton that can allow me to monitor traffic amounts?

This is my first shot at researching this and Google was not any help on this one. Calling the ISP was no help as all they said was its working fine.


Norwalk, CT

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Is that 8 MB (Mega BYTES)/s, or 8 Mb (Mega BITS)/s?

If it's advertised at 8 MB (Mega BYTES)/s speed, Then that *Can't* be a "T1" line... "T1" is only 1.544 Mb (Mega BITS)/s over Dual-Copper pair Phone line...

8 MB/s sounds more like DOCSIS Cable (or possibly VDSL?) service, 8 Mb/s could Possibly be ADSL... (?)

In any case, if you are experiencing Slowdowns ONLY at Night ("Prime-Time") hours, and GOOD speeds in Daytime ("Off-Peak") Hours otherwise, then there's NOTHING that YOU can do, other than to keep complaining to your ISP, and asking them to check into it DURING the "Prime-Time" Hours (WHEN the problem is Actually Happening)...

Be Persistent, calm, but FIRM that they need to do something to correct this issue... Contact Others in your area, and see if they also are experiencing this same issue... If so, Get together and Complain as a GROUP... There's Power in Numbers...

Good luck!

If You're Unsure, "RTFM"... If You're SURE, "RTFM" Anyway.


reply to Chomot
It looks like a T1 line from the set up and it is shared in a switch in the building. With that switch I am sure the throttle the service to match the order.

I had a feeling this would be the answer but I did want to ask the smart folks on subject before I gave up on a technological solution. I will start a campain of insuring they get lots of numbers for their service data base. This has a slow satisfaction rate unfortunalty.

Thanks for the responce