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Increased ping in video games since about a month ago

I play a game called League of Legends, and at the end of November I was constantly getting around 90ms in game, which was very good and I got used to. Then sometime in December, I started getting pings anywhere from 115-180 consistently, and sometimes it hops up to around 250 for a few minutes. Never below 115, and recently the average has started to get higher. This may not seem like a lot but it really prohibits me playing to the best of my ability. When I do a speedtest, my ping is around 60ms, which it has always been. It's just my ping in game that increased.

Are there any solutions to this? I've looked around and can't seem to find anyone with a similar problem. Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

SDL L3Tech

Tyler, TX
Hello Tatortotts, please PM me the IP of the League of Legends server you're playing on and a trace-route to it while you are experiencing the high latency. Also, please send me your cable modem's MAC address or your public IP, easily found at »whatismyip.com.

Inside your computer
Corpus Christi, TX
reply to Tatortotts
This program might help you out a bit. Ignore the fact its on a world of warcraft site, its an app for windows you run that adjusts some settings in your computers registry to give you better pings. I get my pings cut by up to half when I use it.

»www.wowinterface.com/downloads/i ··· Fix.html


Tyler, TX
So..... I'm not sure how adjusting TCP settings will change network latency with pings and traces that transmit ICMP (or UDP if you're in unix-like systems).

I can see it optimizing TCP but I cannot see it affecting pings or traces (actual network latency) that are based on physics. The network latency can only be as low as it takes the packet to go through the network (and back if RTT). Things such as network congestion can increase latency.

On a side note, latency is measured in various ways. Most speedtest sites (such as any OOKLA based speedtest) perform a latency test via a very small http file transfer, aka, an http latency test. Pinging speedtest servers will frequently yield lower latency than the speedtest actually shows.


Hornbeck, LA
reply to Tatortotts
Make sure you don't have Google Music running in the background on any of your computers. It'll eat up your upload and your ping times will skyrocket.