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Not born yesterday
Atlanta, GA
reply to FFH5

Re: ISPs foot dragging

said by FFH5:

They can implement filters in the ISPs routers to throw in the bit bucket any traffic going to or coming from the PirateBay's IP addresses. And they don't have to depend on DNS to know what those IP addresses are. They can start there, but then also block any IP address that they find are being used by ThePirateBay not in the DNS records. If people can bypass DNS systems to find &reach the PirateBay, then the ISPs can also find them and block them.

And yes, people can use proxy servers, but those can be blocked too, if they want.

Interesting paradox between your statements here and your signature. Your signature indicates you're for "less government", yet you want the government micromanaging the internet with a system more draconian than the Great Firewall of China. Do you enjoy hypocrisy?
Teabaggers: Destroying America is Priority #1

Mr Matt

Eustis, FL
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ThrowDemsOut reflects the opinion of those that want less government, but would be the first to complain if there are problems with government provided services. They demand improved fire and police protection. House on fire dial 911 someone breaks into their house dial 911. The small government advocates are freeloaders that do not want to pay for any shared service and will complain if all government services are not 100% perfect. On the other hand they want to dump the costs for providing those services on the middle class.