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Dan, can you check these numbers.

Dan, techs were here, the said maintance was coming out, but regardless, it appears signal is worse after the visit than before. Can you confirm this? In addition should I not even worry about ut until after maintance comes out?


Dan can see the modem, but for everyone else

Before they came
Recieve: -5 to -3 generally
Transmit: 37
SNR: 34

Recieve -9
Transmit 38
SNR 38

Naperville, IL
reply to hudiat
If there is a maintenance set up, we would have to wait until after that to get an idea of where we are. These numbers aren't as bad as it looks though. Your SNR was brought up 4dBmV which is really good. That means that your signal can dip lower without causing service problems. With an SNR in that range, you could possibly be stable down to about -9 or -10dBmV on your downstream. Transmit of 38 is better as well. Hopefully when someone gets out to do maintenance, they will balance that a little bit more and hopefully be even better. If they can get that downstream up without lowering the upstream, I think you will be good.
Dan Della Terza
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Yeah, performance wise there is still issues, but maintance is coming, and he is supervisor is getting back to me about the modem, it is showing random ping jumps, he hooked up a docsis2 modem to test and they went away.He was going to hook up some of the Arris modems at the office and see if they all do it. So betweeen maintance and atleast this particular modem, hopefully it is all figured out. In addition the supervisor did admit that any of the previous techs should have been able to diagnose and fix/ escalate to someone who could.