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Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
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Re: More like De-Evolution

said by DataRiker:

said by elray:

Maybe i misinterpreted the specifications over the years - I'm not an EE,. But doesn't Skype, Sipdroid, G.729 et al, take at least 30kbps, while traditional cellphone vocoders use 8-13kbps?

That wouldn't surprise me.

I much prefer VOIP because the sound quality is so much better. Carriers cramming voice over 8kbps makes total sense.

I avoid cellphone usage for most calls, whenever possible, since most of my contacts speak English as a 3rd language, and poorly - makes anything beyond rudimentary chat improbable.

If you stick with an older CDMA phone, you can still force 13k vocoding, which improves things a bit, at least on VZW network.

I'd welcome an "HD Voice" option for regular cellphone service - if a 16K codec does the trick, I'd pay extra for HD premium minutes. I'm sure existing protocols could handle it, but I suspect Cellco found the billing and PR issues difficult.