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An Apple a day keeps the doctor away
Saint Louis, MO

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reply to Mr Matt

Re: ISPs foot dragging

even better they seem to think it is much more important to pay smart, motivated lawyers to extract money via tort than to pay smart, motivated writers to actually write some decent tv shows and movies.

what is the result?
1. granny gets sued because her 9 year old grandaughter downloaded a bieber song at her house
2. the industry whines about falling movie attendance because people refuse to see crap like "jack and jill," "deuce bigalow:european gigalo," "white chicks," "ballistic: eks vs. sever" and "glitter." (and those are just in the last 10 years!)

look at the top grossing movies of 2011:
1. harry potter
2. transformer
3. pirates of the carribean
4. kung fu panda
5. breaking dawn
6. fast five
7. hangover 2
8. the smurfs
9. cars 2
10. rio

1 (!!!!) of the movies (rio) was not a sequel or based on a previous work. that is an incredibly sad comment on the utter lack of creative thought in hollywood and a poor statement on humanity that we were still willing to give the studios 7 BILLION dollars just to see those 10 crappy movies.

Everyone should own a Mac! Go Bucks!