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Sonic Fusion price question

Hey, I'm thinking of switching from att to sonic fusion and I'm wonder how long will this price last? Because I'm currently getting low income discount for att land line.

Thanks in advance!!!


South San Francisco, CA
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Paul in SF

San Francisco, CA

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reply to ay7191
The prices in that link that av9116 posted above are not introductory prices. They are the standard monthly charges. Keep in mind that these do not include federal, state and local taxes. Those taxes, for me here in San Francisco, increase my bill by about $10 per line. (I have bonded fusion, which uses 2 lines).

Since I have been a customer has changed their pricing 3 times for both new and existing customers. In each of those changes the price has gone DOWN. Just one of the reasons so many of us love

As far as your question about keeping your Lifeline discount, I don't know. Hopefully someone who does will pop up here and answer that, or you can call Sonic and ask them.


Santa Rosa, CA
In regards to the Lifeline, we do not have this option. For $39.95 for single line service plus taxes you get the broadband and phone. We don't price the phone separately, so there is no way to discount it.
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