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You should've asked if they can get you the modem for free. If they couldn't you can ask if they can give you billing credit for a total of $100 to offset the cost of the modem. You can also tell them how long you've been a customer of at&t internet services. You can also threaten to go to your local cable company's internet service. All these methods have been used before to get people a free modem. If it doesn't work with the agent you are speaking to, simply hang up and call again and hope you get a nice agent. Sometimes there are rude snobby agents and sometimes there are good agents. You just have to keep calling until you get a good one. Good luck!

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
Read my post they never offered me anything.
I then asked for the $100 visa card and then they signed me up for it. They were not going to offer it even after I complain about having to buy a new modem because they are forcing me from adsl to uverse.
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