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Evansville, IN

modem activation

Is it true that a UVERSE modem won't work without activation by AT&T?

I was recently switched from ATT dsl to adsl2 (Uverse internet only).
Under dsl, I had a second modem positioned for use outdoors (turning
off the 1st modem beforehand).

I would like to do the same thing with adsl2, buying a used modem
online. The modem provided by ATT is a Motorola NVG510.

Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
·AT&T U-Verse
I was forced to switch from adsl to Uverse adsl2.
Both the sales guy and the Uverse tech said I could not activate a used modem. The Uverse tech said it cant be done. They said I had to buy a new modem from them and I did not want Uverse they forced me to switch. I was perfectly happy with my adsl 6 meg line.

Now people on this site it can be done, so who knows.
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Us Army

Antioch, CA
My understanding is that ATT is "forcing" all customers to Uverse. Eventually moving away from the "old" DSL. Why? not sure, there could be many reasons. Raging from Uverse is all IP based, some of the regulations that govern traditional pots may not govern Uverse. To maybe the Uverse techs are a cheaper labor force than the techs that work on the "older" DSL. Who knows, but the executives at ATT that make all the decisions yet have never lifted a tool.

As far as modems go.....older DSL uses pppoe, while Uverse uses MAC address authentication. Thus having more control as to what modems connect and which ones don't.

My 2 cents, may not help you. Just my opinion of ATT. I too was happy with my "old" DSL running at 1.5, never had the need for more. Yet at my new place I get forced to Uverse, had no choice. Yet my next door neighbor does have "old" DSL. I was lucky that all went smooth and happy with the service. I just don't like NOT having a choice! and AT&T doesn't give you one.
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Fair and Balanced
Katy, TX
Uverse does not use mac address authentication. Cloning a mac address will not give you access.
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