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Why is VM Unable Able to Resovle My Credit Card Issue

Please help! I have been a Virgin Mobile (VM) customer since June 2011. When I bought my LG Optimus V I was able to pay my monthly charge until September using my VISA credit card. Then something happened and VM decided there was a problem with this credit card even though my bank confirmed to me(and VM) that all the information is correct including my billing address. I use this card all the time with other vendors without a problem. Each month I have a conversation with VM Customer Service when I try to pay the monthly charge. The VISA credit card is rejected each time and they tell me it is my problem. They have elevated it to VM Financial Dept. several times but I have never heard back from anyone at VM - EVER! I would like to speak with someone of authority but the efforts by VM to resolve my issue are so bureaucratic and convoluted I am ready to throw in the towel and tell them I no longer want anything to do with their company. The VM Customer Service, in my case, is the worst I have ever encountered. Is anybody listening? I would love to send an email to the head of VM. Can anyone provide a name and email address? Thanks.


Kansas City, MO
You could always try:

Daniel R. Hesse

Thanks dib22. I think I may get some attention.


Nashville, TN
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reply to dib22
Good luck that that.... Writing to that email address goes to some assistant. Tried it before. No results. More of a form letter response.

said by dib22:

You could always try:

Daniel R. Hesse


Valleyford, WA
reply to Disppointed
Their billing system leaves a lot to be desired.

1. I thought it would so easy to set it up to have my credit card charged automatically each month. After a year of not being able to get anyone there to fix it (and I talked to lots of folks up and down their chain of command, I gave up. Now I login each month to pay my bill.

2. To complicate things, you can't pre-pay your bill. If you pay your bill early, you lose the remaining service days you already paid for.

3. Not to beat this to death, but if you have money in your top-up account, you have to manually release those funds to pay your bill. Silly me -- I thought this would be a way to compensate for the the failure of their auto-pay-from-a-credit card feature. But, no luck. Even if you have $100 in your top-up account, the system will not use those moneys to satisfy your money obligation.

Even worldcom's non-integrated system worked better than this.