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[TV] Rogers disable outlets - downgrade vip to basic


I am just wondering whats involved with disabling outlets. I downgraded cable to basic due to the recent increase. I do not
want to use analog anyways and am happy with just one TV.
I would however like to keep the lines around just in case I change
my mind in the future. Everything is through splitters in my home.
Are they going to go around and make a mess trying to pull out cable wires?

Mr. Wireless


since theyre swithing everyone off analog and onto digital, they do not need to come to your house anymore. if the analog signal is gone from your coax outlet, then they will simply only authorize one digital stb on your account. if you want more outlets, then you have to give them the SAB number of every box and they will add it, thus adding the additonal outlet charge to your bill as well. pretty neat eh?
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