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Qc, Canada

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Hey TSI why not update your email system (system and people)

First - I did not receive the email about the upcoming change... Nadda, not one word... Thank god (even if i am an atheist) that i read this forum....

Two - I send an email and your automated system told me it should take about 24h for an answer... Ok but that was more than 72 hours ago so where is my answer?

Third - Received my bill yesterday but no warning in the email or the attached pdf itself to warm me about the incoming change. Does your system is that antiquated making you unable to make some change in the email send to your customer?

Fourth - Not email related but still linked to the incoming change. No warning was so ever also when i look into My world profile...

ps1: No my email anti-spam did not block them since the only one i use on my TSI email belong to them and their bills email has no trouble finding my inbox.

ps2: Sorry but the incoming change are not an excuse... If they are not even able answer in a timely manner now or have a working system what will happen when a lots of pissed customer try to reach them when they get hit by the change???

ps3: Yes i could also ask my question in the direct forum but it's not just about the answer. It's about people who do not read this forum and are still waiting for an answer by email... When the change are made, a lots of people will be pissed about them and do you really think that by forcing them to call will help TSI? These people will be already be mad about the change than you add the no answer by email and you finished by a long waiting time on the phone... Yep, a good mix to really make people love you and stay with you...

ps4: The trouble i listed above is not limited to that. I had other trouble in the past with the email system but it's getting worst when it should be the other way around. This why i posted that.

Updated to add ps4... fixed some grammar but still suck since it is not my primary language...