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reply to Rogers_Chris

Re: [Extreme Plus] Seemingly still shaping torrent downloads

You guys can repeat that until you're blue in the face but the fact remains that those of us with Rogers KNOW that our P2P downloads are throttled into oblivion.

Like OldManRiver said, maybe you use all sorts of insidious techniques whereby you accomplish this without technically limiting download speeds, but that's irrelevant, as the end result for the customer is the same.

The fact is that I'm paying for 32 megabit download speeds and I'm lucky if I receive 3% of that , so all the "we don't throttle downloads!" claims in the world aren't going to change what countless people like myself have been witnessing with our very own eyes for a long time now. So please stop blowing smoke up our asses.


Nepean, ON
Exactly. Why even do business with a company that will outright lie to customers and hide behind legalese and trickery to avoid being charged with it.

Even Bell is more honest with it's customers than Rogers, and Bell will soon be ending P2P throttling.

Just tell everyone to stay away. Heck if I was the OP, I would look into your cancellation fee, and remaining with your previous ISP until you better research alternatives.