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Self install for high speed internet

Does anyone know why Metrocast wants $99.95 for a technician to come out and install high speed internet or do they not offer self install?


Pomfret Center, CT
Well let me play devil's advocate here. If they do send some one out to your house 99.95 for an hours work is not out of the realm of what you pay for service calls now adays. But the real question is do they need to send some one to the house to install a modem?

Well I guess if they have have to test the line or even run a new line to be sure it is working. But if you buy a modem as I did this week if you plug it in you get on the network with a non routable 10.222 range ip with a page that says you are online but need to activate you modem and to call metrocast. I called and gave them my MAC and I was online. Now I have had Internet with them since 2000 when it was @Home so it was no charge.


California, MD
reply to louie
louie, do what bill said....

I did the same thing... i knew a girl at the local office, so she really hooked me up which was nice of her to do... but see what happens


reply to louie
Years ago when I first wanted high-speed I called and said I don't want to pay the install. If you want my business you will waive it. There was no hesitation.....they waived it and they have easily recouped the costs. Can't hurt to try!