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Milford, NH
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reply to jadziedzic

Re: [speed/latency] Speeds slow on 30/15 connection NH/ME

said by jadziedzic:

More suckage:

Interesting, whatever is going on in Nashua does not seem to be affecting Milford. The fact that download is so poor while upload is fine sure sounds like congestion.

Try doing a traceroute (tracert in Windows) and compare it to the one I posted earlier. I assume routing will be the same for both of us except perhaps the FairPoint edge router ( in my case). I think the first generation FIOS FairPoint inherited from Verizon uses ATM just like DSL.

My guess is you will see high latency to the edge router. If so problem is backhaul congestion over the ATM circuit. If 2nd hop is OK (I'm assuming you have a LAN) then you are being routed differently then me. In that case problem is somewhere within the FairPoint IP network or perhaps peering.

Be interesting to see the result. Not sure how that will help getting it resolved but at least you will know where the problem is.

Perhaps the Nashua Telegraph will be interested in writing about the problem.



Well i have GWI for my ISP i used to have Verizon/Fairpoint in Belfast ME. I switched to GWI because of the supposed upgrade in speed. With Fairpoint i had the 3mb dl and recieved about 1.5 not sure what my ping was but wish i knew right now. GWI is so inconsistant i pay for the 10/1 plan and this is what im getting » ··· 4023.png
I too play COD MW3 and the lag is so irritating, how do they reroute your traffic? would that give me a better ping? i just want to be somewhere in the 20-40ms range i could really care less about the raw speeds dl/ul at this point.