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[Speed Problem] Slow connections during afternoon/night

Hi guys, I have a problem with my AT&T DSL that occurs every single night where I'm getting 1.0M on average from the 2701HG-B. I'm on the Elite plan and from the morning to midday, I've been able to get 4.0M-5.5M easily. I tried the 2Wire in all the available phone lines, and the same thing happens. Has other had the same problem?

DSL Down Up
Current Rate: 6016 kbs 768 kbs
Max Rate: 6600 kbs 1072 kbs
Current Connection:
Current Noise Margin: 8.0 dB 16.0 dB
Current Attenuation: 33.5 dB 25.5 dB
Current Output Power: 15.6 dBm 3.9 dBm



I had a tech guy come out and check our phone line after experiencing the same thing. He recommended I switch to Time Warner because ATT is doing nothing to alleviate their lack of bandwidth. About the problems occurring in the evening, he said that's when everyone is getting home from work and bottlenecking the network.

Columbia College IT
Sonora, CA

yeah I've had the evening blues a few times when I had AT&T DSL. Bottom line is you can post in the at&t direct forum and explain the problem and ask to have your circuit re-provisioned at your NOC (sometimes referred to a redback-change or moving to another BRAS) as the BRAS you're connected to might be overloaded.

Where I live (northern cali) AT&T continues to oversell their bandwidth without upgrading their back-end. Hell, where i'm at at&t is just letting their plant die, i swear.

Comcast just upgraded my region to docsis 3, blows at&t completely out of the water with regards to speed and bandwidth. thus far, at&t hasn't (to my knowledge) lifted a finger to compete with comcast [with u-verse] in my area.

anyways, good luck. post in the at&t direct forum and you might get your circuit re-provisioned to a non-overloaded router and get your speeds back for a few months.


San Jose, CA
reply to su2000

Where I live (northern cali) AT&T continues to oversell their bandwidth without upgrading their back-end.

I ended my long association with AT&T for the same reason and switched to Comcast. The U-Verse sales person told me DSL is on a shared line. I now agree with that information. When I called to cancel, AT&T lady told me the same thing about Comcast.

Goodbye AT&T.

Columbia College IT
Sonora, CA

it's all shared medium, just a matter of where it's shared. dsl you have a dedicated pair from your house but at the next hop you're just one pig on the feeding troff.

cable you're sharing the coax with the neighborhood/ everyone on that particular node/segment.. nodes can get congested.

just shared at different points..

dsl congestion (in my opinion) can be more frustrating cuz it's not like you can go to your neighbors houses and yell at them for hogging bandwidth.. lol


united state
reply to su2000

i've had simliar issues. but the opposite usually. bad connection during the day and good at nite. after alot of testing i moved my 2wire away from all electrical interference as far as possible and my connection has been fine. good speeds all the time. i cannot rule out some sort of CO issue or business. in my case its either my modem placement or something along the line route.