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Baltimore, MD

CavTel DSL has me pulling my hair out! Please help...

I am trying to set my parents up with a wireless router to go with there Cavalier DSL internet. The DSl equipment they have is this -

Paradyne 6381-A3-200-0CL

I am trying to hooked a Linksys WRT54G with dd-wrt flashed on to it to this modem/router.

I have read in searches that this thing is a router/bridge. I don't know what that means.

I have connected the Linksys every way I can think of and I still can't get online through it. If I connect directly to my parents laptop I can get a connection.

I went so far as to (after connecting my parents laptop) write down the MAC address on there computer and mimic that in the Linksys but the Linksys still will not get a connection.

I also wrote down all of the IP information while hooked up directly to the DSL equipment and then setup the Linksys as a static IP with that information.

Nothing seems to work. I have set up many a router configuration and never had this much trouble.

Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated! Thank you in advance!
Team Discovery