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Trogglus normalus

Chicago, IL
reply to openbox9

Re: Idiot FCC as much at fault as Lightsquared

said by openbox9:

I'm read up on Falcone's ties to the White House.
said by jseymour:

Yeah, except you seem to be functioning under the illusion that the FCC, a Federal agency, operates entirely on scientific principles, w/o political influence.

Sadly, I'm not under that illusion. I have no doubt that the FCC is more of a political arm these days than an engineering and oversight organization.

You are right. The FCC used to rely on science, engineering and facts, but since the 90s they become more corrruptable and bow to political pressure. Just like the political pressure to approve lightsquared when they caused intereference.
We are lucky the FCC only gave them a conditional waiver and not a waiver that allowed them to cause interference.

Political bullying and strong arming almost allowed lightsquared to bypass facts, science and engineering.
But in the end science, facts, and engineering protected GPS.