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Chicago, IL
reply to djtim21

Re: [Windows] Ping Alert Program

the problem with ipsentry is that it costs alot of money and i would be using this on multiple networks. not part of a business/seperate homes/networks.

i am looking for something that i can deploy at each site that i monitor.

thanks for the suggestions to all.


Burlingame, CA
reply to tomdlgns
said by tomdlgns:

what if my network has 50 devices?

Oh! if you have 50 devices then you spend the money and don't waste time here asking for free advice.

BTW, if you have the same type of equipment everywhere, the vendor typically has a management utility they can sell you, should be cheaper than a generic, multi-vendor$$$ app.

Enterprise management is not for the el-cheapo minded.

Chicago, IL
i am not in an enterprise environment, if i were, i would not be in this thread, i would have contacted my vendors and purchased the software by now.

these are clients and they are not tied to one another (meaning, not on same network/VPN).

i manage x amount of networks and i want to know when certain devices go down.

thank you for your suggestion, i hope you didnt waste to much time coming up with that.

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reply to tomdlgns
said by tomdlgns:

there are some good programs/links here that seem to do a handful of things.

before i download these programs, install them, and realize that they might not work, can someone try to answer this for me?

i am looking to do exactly what has been asked above, but i would like the ability to use my gmail account to send the email alerts.

i have used some programs in that past that only work if you have an email server on your network (either that, or i didnt see another way to send/relay/authenticate in the settings page).

the main features i am looking for are...

ping something and send me an email @gmail.com if there is no response after xx amount of time.

as i make this post, i am starting on the first link, Zenoss.


EDIT- i am at their site and i dont see a windows install (i am on w7) aside from VM?

i should have stated that i am looking for something that can run on windows xp or windows7 (not using xp mode).

as i told you in my first post, ISM does EVERTYTHING you're looking for. you can stop looking. 5 licenses for 20$. do a trial; you'll see.

update: i said 5 licenses... i should have said monitors. for the 50 computers you need to track, the program would cost you 149.95 according to their site..