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Dallas, GA

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reply to fiberguy

Re: Comcast DOCSIS 3.0 Complete?

Why is it that some people, such as yourself, can't post a disagreement without using insults such as "shallow", or "... seriously, when did you drop out of school?"? I have no problems with people who post disagreements with what I say. I do take issue when they use childish insults such as the poster whose user name "yourarestupid", which was intended in and of itself to be an insult to me, uses insults in their rebuttal such as "You live in Dallas, GA, you should be grateful you have any service at all". Disagreeing and debating are healthy things. And it's OK for "youarestupid" to disagree with me, but using ludicrous insults in the process shows a lack of respect and intelligence. I believe this person meant their post to be intentionally inflammatory which, by the definition I linked to, would make them a "Troll". By the way, your post offers nothing to the topic at all either.

My views are my own.
Your response here isn't valid.. you're completely taking out one person (the guy I replied to) and laying the burden on me.

SOME of us enjoy having conversations with people that post something of substance - even when we disagree. However, the post *I* responded to is exactly what you're asking ME to answer to.

The poster that I replied to was in fact being shallow by all definition. He has nothing valid to respond with so he goes for a completely un-founded reply and accuses the poster for having some sort of financial or special interest in the point of topic. It is FAR more common for trolls around here to bash people who actually are in agreement with the viewpoint of the "big evil corporation" by accusing them (note, "accusing") them of being a sock holder, a corporate mouthpiece, etc. (those labels are plentiful around here)

That attack on posters is in-fact trolling and VERY common around this site.

Yet, I call that person shallow for having no substance to his post, accusation, and attack and it's ME you want to explain myself?