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Seattle Did It

I live in a community that has FTTH and its great!

We live in Issaquah Washington a suburb of Seattle and the operator just upped our speeds to 1Gbps for $199. There is about 3000 of us with service and I find it awesome. We can also get 100Mb for $55 which is a steal in our area. Comcast isn't even close. The operator, Highlands Fiber Network, is the community and did it all without government monies. They been doing it for over 10 years. Not sure what is in Chattanooga but I can't recommend more getting FTTH out to everyone in the U.S.

»www.highlandsfibernetwor ··· com/news


FTTH to rural america is going to be done for it cost 2 much to do it trust me because I contacted XO and they wanted 1million dollars to build me a fiber line to rural part of ohio.

So FTTH is only going to be in bigger towns or expect to pony UP $$$ for rural fiber if you really want it.