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Batesville MS: When they have problems, they REALLY have...

Been reporting an outage since Sunday. Service comes and goes, fades in and out, but primarily out. It's been mostly unusable.

Called toll free number on Sunday, and again today (Wed). They confirmed on both times the problems were not just me. Sunday they said there wasn't an outage reported yet, but then said it was just updated while I was on the phone with them by someone else. Today they said they could see very low signal levels. He said it "bordered on unacceptable" or was right at the line and could be why my connection was going up/down.

But still not fixed.

When service is fine, it's fine, but I generally find that when I need to start reporting an outage to Cable One, it takes weeks to get fully corrected and I have to call on multiple days to push them to correct. Seems to happen every few months and gets REEEALLY bad. Why??

I tried a different strategy of calling the local office today thinking maybe I could ask to speak to a local tech. Apparently they forward all calls now to national. Sucky.