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Torrance, CA

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[General] Nightmare in Progress - Fibre install that involves AT

It is the Best of Times/ It is the Worst of Times.

Our Company elected to go with Fibre. We do not live in Verizon Territory, so AT&T is the provider of the Fibre lines to a preferred ISP (we chose TwTelecom).

Here's our story to date:
Signed with TwTelecom 9/29/11 - on 11/1/11 AT&T gave TWtelecom a 1/6/12 install date.

AT&T engineers sat on their thumbs for 6 weeks.
AT&T finally did the site survey 12/22/11 and then they sat on their thumbs 3 more weeks just because they are AT&T (their motto: "We are AT&T - we do whatever we want")

Yesterday AT&T says install date of 2/16/12
TwTelcom tells us "your circuit ready 3/1/12"

Shame Game scale (1 - your little brother, 10 - Osama Bin Laden)

4 - Our Broker - who sold us this circuit and hasn't done anything since but work on his golf game.

6 - TwTelecom - They have finally woken up after being asleep for 8 weeks to deliver our circuit 5 weeks late.

12 - AT&T - Dysfunctional, belligerent, arrogant, pint-size panty-waist pimps who have fubar'd this install from the get go. They ARE the DeathStar

-the sheb
Update 1/23/12

AT&T was just here this morning running Fiber.
The workers (customer service and field techs) are the nicest people around. Thanks for running our Cable so quickly!!!!

nextup - fiber termination


Minneapolis, MN
·Integra Telecom

Re: [General] Nightmare in Progress - Fibre install that involve

Welcome to the world of Telcos.

Keep in mind, municipal influence can be just as bad. I had a city (large city) sit on construction permits for 6 months. That's always a fun one.

My advice, find a better agent who knows how to escalate things, or at least make somewhat of a positive impact on the process. Having the right people involved can make a huge difference. If they have a great relationship with the carriers you use, more than likely they know exactly who to contact when issues arise. No carrier is perfect, that's why you need the best resources to handle them.